Geometrica Image Pack Update - 2020


Firstly, I apologise for the long wait for this update. I hope you find it was worth it... It's been a difficult month for most of us, so hopefully this will provide some relief to some. Things are definitely difficult for us here in the UK! Stay safe everyone.

Whats New: 

  • 59 new designs added. As usual, all the many versions of each design have been meticulously prepared for use. This takes the total designs in this pack to a mega 217 designs.
    • Added an extra eBook including all new designs
    • Added 8 new sketchy human concept designs. 




    To download only the updates, please use the links below. You can also download the full pack again by using the link at the top of the update email.


    Image Pack (Updates only) (Includes new Concept Templates)

    eBook (Updates only)

    For help downloading and installing, you can find the image pack instructions here.  If you encounter issues beyond this, you can contact us by replying to the update email.

    Really hope you enjoy them.