Do all the packs contain different designs?

Yes. If you download every one of our packs, you will not have any duplicated designs. They all contain completely different designs to one another.

How does all this work?

As soon as you purchase, you will receive a link to download the product you have purchased. You can access the files immediately.

What can I expect to receive?

It depends which pack you have chosen to download. The designs are split up into separate folders:

  • The Image Pack - All packs include an Image Pack
  • Available Brush sets
  • Procreate human concept templates (to install into Procreate)
  • eBook(s)

Help, I've lost my download link!

If you've recently upgraded or want the designs on another device, don't worry. The easiest way to get hold of your link is to search 'DOWNLOAD LINK' on your email's inbox. Make sure it's the email address you used to buy the pack. If you can't find it there, please contact us and we'll be happy to send it manually.

How do I import into Procreate?

There are lots of different ways to do this, as soon as you purchase a pack, you will get a link to full and detailed instructions on how to install, download, and help you. Please see your 'DOWNLOAD LINK' email for instructions.

    What does the eBook look like?

    The ebook is basically a book of all the designs within the pack you ordered. It's in PDF format and gives you full page, high quality versions of each design. Use it to help reference the designs you want to use - it has a handy index, along with full page views of each design (and how many of them look when inverted too.) 

    It can be printed, saved to iBooks or opened via PC/Mac - the book will show you large, high quality examples of every design included in the pack you purchased. You can refer to it to find the design you want, or to show clients and help them decide which design they prefer. 



    The eBook file sizes are pretty big, where can I store them if storage is an issue?

    Google Drive is an online storage space that allows you to store up to 15gb completely free! I highly recommend signing up and installing this so you can access your large files from any device without using any of your hard storage space. 

    Dropbox is another online storage space, but with only 2GB free storage space. Anything more than that you will need to pay monthly for, so I don't recommend using this one if you're only going to use for storing our packs. If you are looking to save your hard storage space in general and don't mind paying a monthly fee (its around £7.99 a month for 2000gb) then this is definitely the better storage option. 

    If you need any help using these two, please let us know.

    What file types come with the packs?

    All files downloaded from the Image pack are .png files. This is the same file type as any photograph and you can edit this file in any app that allows photo editing. We even include every design with transparent backgrounds to save you cutting out on apps like Photoshop.

    The vector files where available, are all in AI format.

    The eBook is in PDF format.


    What is the difference between a 'Stamp' Procreate brush set and a 'Brush On' brush set?

    Stamp brushes are just that. One touch gives you the whole design in one. You can then edit it and move it around wherever you like. 'Brush On' sets are rolling seamless brushes you can paint with as you would a paint brush.


    What is an 'Image Pack'

    The image pack is a folder containing different versions of the same designs in PNG. format:

    'Design Originals' - Simple flat image that can be edited with any app or program supporting photo editing.

    'Transparent Backgrounds' -  No white backgrounds, makes it easy to lay on to your own designs as a layer without cutting it out.

    'Stencils' - Outlines of all designs.

    The normal png. Human Concept Templates can also be found here. 


    Who uses the designs?

    Check out just a few artists taking advantage of our designs to compliment their own work. See what our designs look like once tattooed here.


    What if I need help?

    We are incredibly friendly and we will be on hand to help you with every and any query you may have. Just email us or DM on instagram for quick replies. 


    I haven't received my download link yet..

    Very occasionally, emails can sometimes bounce back to us for reasons unknown (that is unless you entered the wrong email address of course...) If you have't received your download link within ten minutes after purchase - please contact us via the email you used to purchase with, and we will send it to you manually. We are usually very quick with replying - provided we are not sleeping! 


    Can i pay with Cryptocurrency?

    Yes. We currently accept the following coins for payment:

    • Bitcoin
    • Etherieum
    • Dogecoin
    • Litecoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • DAI
    • USDC

    Hoping to add more soon. To pay like this, add the product to your basket first and you can choose your payment method.


    I really like a single design and I want it as my next tattoo...

    We don't sell single designs, but if you are not an artist and have found your way to this site, we recommend discussing your design ideas with your tattoo artist before buying anything from here. Either screenshot or link them to your chosen pattern. If the artist is happy to go ahead, you can choose the purchase. 


    Do I need to credit you?

    No. Once you have purchased the designs, you are free to tattoo them without referencing us. The rights for use are included in the download. 

    We are more than happy to be referenced of course, please tag us with your finished tattoos - we love to see the results. We won't use your image without asking permission first.

    What software do you use? 

    All designs are made with Adobe Illustrator. Some of the designs in the Distort pack have been edited with Adobe Photoshop to get some effects, but all are initially made with Adobe Illustrator.

    How do I make these patterns myself?  

    I am not afraid to provide as much help as I possibly can to artists who need help with Adobe Illustrator. I don’t charge for this, I am just happy to help. Currently, I don’t have any tutorials on how I make these designs, but if you already have a basic knowledge of pattern making on illustrator, I may be able to help you out with any questions or help if you get stuck with anything. Contact me via DM on Instagram or email geometrictattoodesigns@gmail.com

    If you have more questions or would like help in any way, you can message us (below) DM on instagram, or email us.