Updated 16/11/2019

Geometrica Brush Pack Update.

A big update here. All Geometrica Brush Pack users can now download the full Geometrica Image Pack. This means that you can access the high resolution images of each design, the outlines of all designs (Stencils) and also the Transparent background versions. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the image pack must be downloaded to a computer unless you have the Dropbox app installed on your iPad. This is because iPads do not recognise compressed (zipped) files. You can transfer to your iPad's image library if you'd like to use on your iPads. More information and help on image pack downloading and installing can be found here. For Brush set information and help, click here.

What's included in this update:

Procreate Users

  • 35 new brushes added - Total of 35 new designs added, some have replaced existing designs
  • Lots of improvements to existing brushes, much wider lines in some designs (especially 3D designs, but also some normal ones).
  • Removed inverted brushes - you can easily do this yourself within the settings of each brush (See picture below)
  • Fixed an issue where some brushes would overlap without lifting the pencil from the screen.
  • Reduced the isometric warp in some brushes (as described on the brush instruction page. You can read this again for ways of correcting this here)
  • 155 Stamp brushes of every design in the full Geometrica Pack. This includes all the fading designs. These are not like the 'rolling' brushes, this is an easy way to import all the designs into procreate without the need to import into your iPads photo library. Higher quality versions of each design can be found in the image pack.
  • Updated the eBook and it now contains all 155 Geometrica designs. 

Inverting Brushes in Procreate

This image is now an actual brush at the top of each pack for those who need help with this from within the app. You can delete this brush if you no longer need it. Stamp brush invert process is very similar but you'll be inverting the 'Shape Source' instead of the 'Grain Source.'

If you experience download issues and you have the Dropbox Application installed on your device, please log out of Dropbox within the app itself and attempt the download again.

Clip Studio Brushes

  • 35 new brushes added - Total of 35 new designs added, some have replaced existing designs.
  • Lots of improvements to existing brushes, much wider lines in some designs (especially 3D designs, but also some normal ones). 
  • There is now more help available for Clip Studio users who might be new to brushes.
  • Downloading and installing is slightly improved, if you are installing the set on a PC/Mac, you can download the zipped file, unzip it, and then select all the .sut files within the folder and drag them into a Sub Tool Group in Clip Studio. Unfortunately, iPad installation is unchanged and you will still need to install each brush separately. We can only pray that the Clip Studio gods will one day sort this out! 🙏🏻

Some tips to get the most out of this brush set:

    To ensure you get the most out of this particular brush set, you can increase the quality of each design by increasing the scale in the brush engine texture menu. If you also increase the brush size, you may experience a slow down. To counteract this, you can increase the scale (as shown above) to increase the quality, and reduce the brush size. This is the only way I can find to ensure high quality brushes. Lower the scale, lower the quality. This is why it's recommended to work with large canvas sizes of around 6000 x 6000 pixels.

    To use all 155 of the Geometrica Designs with Clip Studio (for example the designs that are not a brush, fading ones etc) You can import images from the Image pack into your iPads photo library. I'd recommend importing the Transparent background versions as they will work the same way as stamp brushes. If you experience any issues with the transparent background becoming solid white after transferring to your iPad, the only way I know how to fix this issue is to use Dropbox or similar, then download the transparent background directly to your iPad from within the Dropbox app.


    Please contact us directly if you find something is not working as it should. We also value any feedback, and if you feel we could do something better then please let us know - we are continually improving our packs and trying to stream line the process as much as possible, which just isn't easy when the download contains many different file types and versions.

    You can contact us by replying to the DOWNLOAD LINK updated email you just received, as well as DM on instagram (@geometrictattoodesigns) or the Messanger feature on this page. We also respond to Whatsapp or iMessage on +44534253923.