Clip Studio Brush Instructions and Tips

Installing on a Mac or Computer

You can install the brushes in bulk when transferring them to Clip Studio on your Computer/Mac. Download the Computer/Mac version and open it. Once inside the folder, you can select all the brushes, and drag them into your chosen Sub Tool Group. .

Installing on an iPad

Unfortunately you will need to install each brush separately. Open the download link in the email from your iPad, and tap on each brush separately to import into your Clip Studio application.

To get the most out of these brushes, please read below:

Use a large canvas size of around 6000 x 6000 pixels. Our designs are high quality and that's the reason why you will need to work big if you want to maintain quality. You will notice that reducing the size will reduce the quality.

Brush Size and Quality

This type of brush can be adjusted in the 'Textures' menu. You can adjust the scale of the brush to resize it - although reducing the scale will reduce the quality. Increasing the scale will increase the quality of the brush, but it may be difficult to use if you also increase the brush size as well as the scale. I recommend keeping the brush size low, and the scale size high to get quality without major lag.


We are constantly working to improve our brush sets and products. If you find that something isn't working or know of a way we can improve the clip studio sets, please contact us directly. You can email us, use the messanger feature on the website, or contact us through Whatsapp or iMessage on +447534253923