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Summer is Over Faded
Summer is Over Faded
Summer is Over Faded

Summer is Over Faded

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Abstract Geometric Tattoo Design
Our faded designs feature steady top halfs' with fast fade outs - perfect for tattooing.
These designs are great for tattooing and dotwork. Can also be used for online designs, websites, decorations.... Many uses possible!
  • All images shown are only a snippet example of the actual design. The actual download will typically be around 5000x4000 pixels but this will vary from image to image. You can resize and invert the image to your liking.
  • Each download contains 3 files. The design, the inverted design, and to make tattoo stencilling super easy there is also a stencil version of the design. The stencil version has only the outlines of the pattern, no fill whatsoever. 
  • Images come in .png format as standard. Please contact me via email if you would like a different file type.


Please contact me via email if you would like any minor adjustments to your chosen design. Minor adjustments are complimentary and included in the price, this includes:

  • Line widths / stroke sizes
  • Rate of fades 
  • Image size (without affecting quality)
  • Other minor adjustments on request

All requests to: - Please be aware that not all adjustments will be possible depending on the design.


    If you would like a custom design for your use only (will never be re-sold) Please see the 'Custom Design' product for more info.


    For personal and commercial use only - not for re-sale.