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Asanoha of Life #152

Asanoha of Life #152

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Abstract Tattoo Design

Single design. Png image format with Stencil and transparent background versions included.

Asanoha and Flower of Life designs combined, this one is a gem. Fast fade out for great results.

Designs sold here cost much less when bought in a pack. Designs can be from as little as 0.15p per design when bought with a large pack. See our packages here.

The images shown of this design are low quality cropped examples for copyright purposes. The actual download will be full page, super high quality, between 5000 x 3000 pixels and 10000 to 8000 pixels.

If you are interested in having this design tattooed onto you, send the link to this page to your tattoo artist to discuss your options. Please don't copy the design, if you want to use it, please purchase it. 

*For personal and commercial use only. Not for re-sale.
*The rights for use are not yours unless purchased.