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Download Instructions


We always recommend to everyone to use a computer to download and transfer to your iPad afterwards. All our files and folders are now hosted by Dropbox - but anyone with a link can access them to download. 

Those with a Dropbox account can download directly to their own dropbox accounts - but if you are planning to download all our files, please be aware that it may take you over the free storage limit threshold. It is for this reason, we recommend downloading the designs to your computer or mac, and then transferring the files you want to use using Dropbox or the Files App. Download the PDF eBook to your iPad and use it to find the design(s) you want to work with, note the numbers of the designs and transfer just those.. 

If you do not have a dropbox account and do not want one, you can use a computer to download the files via the link we sent in your email. Once in each folder, there is a button on the top right corner saying 'Download.' Click on that, and then 'direct download.' It will then download the whole folder to your computer. Please note that due to iPads inability to recognise compressed files, you will need to unzip the folder before transfer. 

Transfer Designs to iPadPro (or other apple device)

There are several ways you can do this. Airdrop, iTunes, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

The main ways in which you can transfer:

Macbook/Mac - Use AirDrop 

  • Unzip all the folders you downloaded from us.
  • Select the png images (within the folder you want to transfer). Right Click > Share > Airdrop.
  • Make sure your device is set to receiving airdrops. 

PC/Laptop - Use iTunes.

  • Unzip all the files you downloaded from us.
  • Open Windows Explorer  on your PC and navigate to your ‘Pictures’ folder.
  • Create a new folder within your Pictures folder and call it ‘Transfer to iPad’ (or anything you want)
  • Navigate back to the folders you downloaded from us, and open one of the unzipped folders.
  • Select all the files you want, and drag them into the folder you made earlier called ‘Transfer to iPad’
  • You’ll have to do this for each folder, until all the files are in the  ‘Transfer to iPad’ folder.
  • Open iTunes and connect the iPad you want to transfer the files to.
  • See Diagram:

1. Click the device icon

2. Click 'Photos' on the left hand sidebar under your device name

3. Tick to Sync Photos

4. Choose the 'Pictures' folder

5. Check the 'Selected Folders' a list of folders will appear below, choose the file you made called 'Transfer to iPad'

6. Press apply.


Once synced, the designs will transfer to your ipad/idevice and you can find them in your i-devices Camera Roll.

Dropbox or Files App

We have found this to be the easiest way to transfer lots of files between one another. Dropbox is a free app from the app store, making an account is also free. It's very easy to use, and quick to set up. If you are buying packs like the 200+ pack, we would recommend keeping the files on a computer and transferring only the designs you want to work with. This is the easiest way to organise the files.

You can also transfer the designs using Google Drive (we hear good things about this one), iCloud Drive with Files App, and more. 

You can also send the files to yourself via email - although I only recommend this way if you want to transfer a few files at a time - email will only let you send up to 10mb per email.

How to Import into Procreate

You will need to gather some designs into your iPads Photo Library for them to work with Procreate.

After you have transferred the designs you want to work with to your iPad's photo library, open Procreate and start a new blank project - or open an existing project. You can import via the + button, and choose to import from your photo library. I'd recommend using the transparent background versions for this, as this will place the black parts of the design on top of your own design as a layer. You can then resize and move around whilst still being able to see your design in the background.

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ page, or you can also contact us directly.

If you have any issues at all, please contact me. I'm available over whatsapp or iMessage on +447534253923 for a quick response. Alternatively you can email me at geometrictattoodesigns@gmail.com or DM on my instagram @geometrictattoodesigns